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Homer Rayson

Homer Rayson

Born in 1892, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rayson. He was a student at the University of Rochester and a member of Phi Epsilon Fraternity and active in musical groups. Homer associated with the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford, where he attended Sunday School. Before the war he was employed by the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh Railway Company. He entered the Army in 1918 at age 26, and trained at Camp Devens, MA and Camp Upton, Long Island, before embarking for France in April 1918. Rayson was a surviving member of the "LOST BATTALION" during the Meuse-Argonne campaign in October 1918. Then,at age 26, was later killed by a German shell. Rayson is interred in France.

Oil Painting Henry L Miller

Henry L. Miller

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Miller in Pittsford on 23 April 1895, and was a member of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in the village. His Grandfather was a Civil War Veteran, and a member of the TYLER POST. Private Miller entered the Regular Army in July 1917, trained at Camp Syracuse, and embarked overseas on 17 September 1917 in Company M, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Division. He was killed in action in the fierce battle at Belleau Wood in June 1918, at the age of 23. His body was re-interred with Military Ceremonies in Pittsford Cemetery on September 11, 1921.

Rayson Miller Post 899 Commanders Past to Present

1922 to 1949

1922 Howard R. Bacon
1923 Lloyd F. Allen, M.D
1924 C. Arthur Palmer
1925 Samuel Hutchinson
1926 Charles M. Bonhurst
1927 Harland Spiegel
1928 Howard R. Bacon
1929 Cortland Newcomb
1930 Andrew R. Sutherland
1931 Lew Rock
1932 Clark Retchles
1933 Raymond F. Steve
1934 Francis Gott
1935 Irvin J. Schoen
1936 Franklin Schuyler
1937 Edward Hart
1938 Van R. Schuyler
1939 Alfred Yole
1940 Jack Palmer
1941 Morgan Klock
1942 Raymond Conner
1943 Robert Wadhams
1944 Delmar Spellman
1945 A. Raymond Patchen
1946 T. Harold McCabe
1947 Gerald Covell
1948 Thomas Burden
1949 Eldred C. Loughborough

1950 to 1979

1950 George A. Waterhouse, Jr.
1951 George H. Matthews
1952 Edward Cutter
1953 Edward Cutter
1954 Andrew Korts, Jr.
1955 David H. Covell
1956 Fred Rogers
1957 William M. Cashion
1958 Andrew Korts, Jr.
1959 Edward Cutter
1960 Edward Cutter
1961 Paul F. Utz, Jr.
1962 Carl F. White
1963 John Cufari
1964 John Cufari
1967 Bruce B. Johnstone
1968 Paul F. Utz, Jr.
1969 Andrew Kortz, Jr.
1970 Samuel J. Serio
1971 Samuel J. Serio
1972 Donald H. Leaty
1973 Dana F. Rodgers
1974 Paul F. Utz, Jr.
1975 Paul F. Utz, Jr.
1976 George A.Waterhouse, Jr.
1977 Edward Cutter
1978 Thomas Conlin
1979 Bryan Hopkins

1980 to 2007

1980 Bryan Hopkins
1981 William J. Weagley
1982 Paul F. Utz, Jr.
1983 David L. Bishop
1984 David L. Bishop
1985 Samuel J. Serio
1986 John A. Berggren
1987 Paul F. Knickerbocker
1988 Elmer M. Fisher
1989 Elmer M. Fisher
1990 John A. Berggren
1991 Norman L. Johnson
1992 Edward T. Perkins
1993 Edward T. Perkins
1994 John A. Tripp, Jr.
1995 John A. Tripp, Jr.
1996 Howard J. Campbell
1997 Howard J. Campbell
1998 Paul V. Bacon
1999 Paul V. Bacon
2000 George A. Lombart
2001 George A. Lombart
2002 William Jameson
2003 William Jameson
2004 David Eng
2005 David Eng
2006 Gary Stekloff
2007 Gary Stekloff

2008 to Present

2008 Jennie L. Miller
2009 Jennie L. Miller
2010 William C. Rahn
2011 William C. Rahn
2012 Roland R. Schindler
2013 Roland R. Schindler
2014 Alvin E. Herdklotz, Jr.
2015 Alvin E. Herdklotz, Jr.
2016 Alvin E. Herdklotz, Jr.
2017 Alvin E. Herdklotz, Jr.
2018 Alvin E. Herdklotz, Jr.
2019 Alvin E. Herdklotz, Jr.

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